About Us


InQueue Incorporated was formed in response to market need for specialized technical and subject matter experts in the field of enterprise content management or ECM.  We have since expanded our offerings to include a host of services aimed at assisting organizations and systems integrators with development projects that go beyond ECM.  We have added expertise in Sharepoint as well as remote resourcing options.  We can help during any phase of your project from conception, planning and design to post-install testing and training. 

What We Do

InQueue is primarily in the business of staff augmentation, on-site or remotely.   Whether you need consultants to assist with workflow design, requirements gathering or implementation, InQueue can provide on-site or remote resources to assist you with your project.  We work with end-users and system integrators alike and feature qualified and seasoned consultants ready to contribute on day one. 

Are your Resources Expensive?

Candidly, when viewed from a strict hourly perspective, short-term consultants appear more costly.  However, compared with the burdened cost of a full-time employee plus onboarding and training expenses, an InQueue consultant is often the more economical alternative.  Of course, there are always vendor-based professional resources-but spotty availability and high cost make this an untenable option in many cases.

What Problem Do We Solve?

Whether you are implementing systems for yourself or for a client, the expertise required does not always justify a full-time position.  A thoughtfully planned implementation should require minimal intervention once users have been trained.  InQueue offers short-term assistance to meet short-term needs=plain and simple.  You can hire the expertise you need, when you need it and only for as long as you need it.