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Independent contractors are breed apart.  Because you are seeking to maximize your earnings by leveraging unique and hard-to-find skills, you forego the “stable” full-time positions and risk the fluctuations of the market.  InQ markets you to the business that are most likely to need your services year-round.  InQueue supplements your personal marketing efforts and keeps you working with minimal disruption.

InQ provides:

General Liability and Errors and Ommissions Coverage
  • Saving you a costly premium.
Consistent Marketing 
  • Your profile is delivered to hiring managers on a proactive basis giving you the visibility required to maintain consistent work. 
Billing and Payment Services
  •  InQueue handles billing and payment allowing you to focus on your primary duties.

Can you do this on your own?  Of course.  But there is no premium charge for our services and you make the call on your hourly rate.  InQueue offers an invaluable service, bringing contractors and businesses together in a timely manner that benefits both parties. 

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