Sharepoint Planning


Planning/Information Architecture Development

 As Sharepoint 2010 begins to penetrate the ECM market with its newly added content and document management capabilities, there is understandable exuberance on behalf of many companies, especially smaller organizations, to rush in and embrace the platform.  However, Sharepoint 2010 does not eliminate the need for thoughtful and thorough planning.  As with any ECM platform, Sharepoint requires a review of current processes, an accounting of documents and the willing cooperation of all users in order for the system to live up to its promise.  InQueue can assist you to determine if Sharepoint is a good fit, help you develop an implementation strategy if it is, or point out where your first effort went wrong and create a plan that will work.  Call us about Sharepoint 2010.

Sharepoint Governance Consulting

Microsoft has positioned Sharepoint 2010 as a tool to “empower-end-users”. Broadly defined, this means allowing the people who create and work with content to decide how to save it, share it, archive it or use it.  Some of the implications are positive-no more waiting for IT to provision a web site, or approve content, or set up a collaboration site.  IT can save their best efforts for strategic projects and push time-consuming, mundane details to end-users.  Of course, there is always a downside: Sharepoint sites run amok, orphaned sites, poor planning, lost content.   Developing a governance plan and information architecture plan will help to prevent “Sharepoint Sprawl” in your organization and InQueue can guide you through this process.

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